Are you looking for something reward to do within your community?  Have you thoughts about volunteering?  Our Scout group is looking for more leaders so we can keep our Keas, Cubs and Scouts sections growing!  Volunteering for Scouts is easier than you think with full support and training – you can experience the fun, friendship and adventures of Scouting, and make a real difference in your community.  Would you like to know more?  Please email chair@whenupaiscouts.org.nz.

Adult Helpers

If  you’re not up for being a Leader… how about an Adult Helper?  If you are an adult associated with a child attending one of our sections, we’d love it if you are able to help us out from time-to-time. Whether it’s a trip away from the Den, or an activity for which we just need more help, your time and efforts are always appreciated.

At Scouts, we take child & youth protection very seriously, so all adult helpers must complete the SCOUTS NZ registration and police vetting process.  As this process can take several weeks, get prepared now!  Please complete this process by following the steps detailed below – if you have any questions, please talk to one of your Leaders.

To complete the SCOUTS NZ adult helper registration process:

  1. Visit this page https://www.scouts.org.nz/join-us/Enquiry-Form and complete the form – before you start, you’ll need to have your drivers licence number handy.
  2. When completing the form, provide your personal information as required, and this information for these specific fields:
    • Group: Please select “Whenuapai Air Scout Group”.
    • Role: Please select “Adult Helper” (please also choose “Committee” if you are a committee member).
    • Name of Group/Zone Leader: “Craig Paltridge”.
  3. A few minutes after submitting the form, you will receive an email from ‘membership@scouts.co.nz’.
  4. Please review all of the information contained within the email, and if you no further questions, then please click the link provided within the email to open the Scouts Police Vetting Application consent form.
  5. The Scouts Police Vetting Application consent form can be filled in online and forwarded to your section leader, or if it is easier you can get a hard copy of this form to complete from your Leader at the Scout Den.
  6. When completing this form, please only complete Section 2 and Section 3 – again you’ll need your drivers licence number handy.
    Section 1 will be completed by your section leader after they have sighted your identification – you’ll need to show them two forms of your ID, one of which must be photographic.


Our committee is made up of parents and other volunteers, who work together along with our Section Leaders to ensure the smooth operation of the Whenuapai Air Scouts.   As a group we operate within the boundaries of Scouting New Zealand in terms of structure and the programs we offer, so our role as a committee is to ensure we comply with national scouting directives, work with our leaders to facilitate the smooth operation of our Keas, Cubs, Scouts and Venturer units, oversee the financial operation of our group and look after our grounds, buildings, facilities and equipment.

We are always looking for new committee members!  The more members we have, the easier it is for us to get things done.  Please talk to your leader or email chair@whenupaiscouts.org.nz if you’d like to discuss joining the committee – we meet monthly at the Den.

Become a general committee member!

As a general committee member all you are committing to is attending our monthly meeting whenever you can (held in the evening), voicing your thoughts and opinions and if you’d like to, put your hand up for a task or project to help the group – and only with whatever time you are comfortable contributing.

Vacant: Quartermaster (Equipment) officer

The Quartermaster position is responsible for all of our scouting equipment stored in the Nissen hut. This role works with the scouting section leaders to ensure that all gear is accounted for and that simple repairs are carried out, and replacement requirements are bright to the attention of the committee.

Vacant: Fundraising / Grants officer

This position is the liaison with external groups in relation to fundraising activities (for example the Lions Club, Whenuapai Half Marathon event organisers etc), and also for coordinating information and submission for grants such as the ones we obtained for the roof repair and paint, and the heat pumps. This role is not a huge time commitment, but makes a large difference to our operating costs!

Vacant: Hall Manager

This position is best suited to someone who lives nearly the Den. This role is responsible for the general maintenance and operation of our facilities and keeping an eye on the general state of the den and make sure the committee is aware of any issues or repairs required. It involves:

  • Coordinating with the people that service our facilities (fire alarm contractor, our cleaner, lawn mowing contractor, weed spraying contractor, and as required other tradespeople such as plumbers, electricians etc)
  • On a weekly basis, emptying the rubbish and recycle bins from the Den to the wheelie bins outside.
  • Putting out / bringing in the wheelie bins as required (to/from kerbside)