Uniform & Fees


Scouts wear a uniform which varies for each Scout Group. Our group has a blue shirt (worn with dark bottoms of your choice) and a red Whenuapai Air Scouts scarf.  The shirts can be purchased here.


SCOUTS New Zealand offer young people a one month FREE trial, after which joining and term fees apply.  Our fee schedule is as follows:

Joining fee: $35.00, which includes:

  • Whenuapai Air Scouts scarf
  • Woggle (loop through which the ends of a Scout’s scarf are threaded)
  • Section badge
  • and award book (if applicable)

Term fees: $95.00 for Scouts, Cubs and Keas / $76 for Venturers

  • We operate four terms per year which coincide with school terms.
  • Please review the information below about the payment of your term fees, along with our payment policy.  If you have any questions about these, please talk to us.

Fee Payment Information

At the beginning of each term the Treasurer of our group will email you an invoice for your term fees, these fees are due as soon as the new term starts.  The term fees that you pay cover a number of items that allow our scout group to provide your youth with an engaging program. A portion of this fee also goes to the Scouts NZ national body and covers things such as National Programs and other initiatives that support our youth including Health and Safety.

When everyone pays their fair share, the group is able to operate efficiently, therefore the Whenuapai Air Scout Group Payment Policy is as follows:

  • Invoices will be issued at the beginning of each term.
  • Payments can be made through either weekly automatic payments, on a term by term basis, or for the full year.
  • Payment of term fees is expected by the payment date on the invoice (or by the end of the term where AP’s are setup).
  • Hardship funds are available for qualifying Members / Youth – please contact the Treasurer (treasurer@whenuapaiscouts.org.nz) in confidence to discuss .
  • Members / Youth will not be able to attend off-site or out of normal section session activities if the term fee is unpaid (e.g. camps).
  • Members / Youth will only be enrolled in subsequent terms if their fees are paid up.